And, Biden just used your money to bail out California and New York. Thank God men like Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Thomas Massie are speaking the truth about the “Federal” Reserve.
Janet Yellen’s feelings are FED policy. The bubble of faux-competency around the elites is leaking. So, they “elite” even harder
It’s not just Fauci and Covid, now it’s expiring currency
In our Red State Fire Wall Series. The State of Idaho is seeing leftism creep into the GOP. Why is that happening, how can you protect your State? 12…
And Zach Abraham has a unique view into what happened at Silicon Valley Bank; it IS a structural issue, but of a different sort than the housing crisis…
. . . and one Congressman in D.C. tries to defend the government censorship infrastructure but, instead, he demonstrates the phrase useful idiot.
All of that, plus, Stephen Colbert has an imaginary Jesus complex and Hillary does Zalenensky.
… all this, and what Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse has in common with the White House
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